Sexercise With Bhabi

abhi 2012-01-25 Comments

Hi, I am Abhi. I came up with one spicier incident that will blow you up. The incident happened when I was around 18 years old. I was staying with my family having my mom, dad, brother and Aditi bhabi. The incident happened with Aditi, my brother’s wife.
At that time she was around 29-30 years old. She was married to my brother 6 years ago. She was very pretty looking girl. She maintained her figure all these years and she looked liked only 22-23 years old only. No one can tell her she is married if she doesn’t wear any sign of marriage.
I had a healthy relation with her, never had a bad intention about her. I was very friendly with her and as I was the youngest member of my family she was also very soft on me. She uses to take care of me very well. So coming down to the incident, my mom and dad went for some marriage ceremony in our family for 2 weeks. Now my brother and Aditi were at home along with me.
I used to go to the gym regularly as I like exercising. I do some aerobics classes also. So one fine day Aditi complained about her back pain. She was in very much pain, so my brother took her to a doctor. The doctor advised her to take rest and gave some medicine along with some balm to apply and also advised her to do some exercise also. My brother asked me to give some exercise to Aditi as I was good in that.
Aditi also agreed to take some exercise lesson from me other than going to a gym or some other person.
So next morning she came to my room and asked me when we will do the exercise. I asked her about her pain. She said the pain is still there. I said to her let brother go to office so that you can take some rest also and then we can do some slight exercise and doing more exercise in pain can harm.
So around 11, I went in her room. She was lying on the bed. I asked her is it paining too much. She nodded her head. I asked her did she put the balm on her back. She said she put that last night but not in the morning. I asked her should I put the balm, she said ok fine. I never had any bad intention till now. It was very normal to do that. She was wearing a saree. I asked her to lie down on her face so that I can put the balm. She did the same.
I took some balm on my hand and put the balm on her back. First time when my hand touched her back, I got some strange sensation. I thought it might be something else. I started massaging her back very slowly. I asked her also that am I doing it right. She said yeah, and then I asked her when the pain is more. She said that she has the more pain in her lower back. She was wearing a saree so that part was no accessible to me.
I put my hand on top of her saree on to her lower back. I asked her, is it the right part. She nodded her head. My hand was on her upper part of the ass. Now something was happening to me. I was getting hard on my cock. I never felt that way for Aditi but when I put my hand on her lower back something changed in me. I was massaging her lower back slowly. I looked a bit down and saw her ass. It was very round in shape and it was coming out of her figure.
She really had a nice shaped ass.
This is the first time I was seeing her like that as she was lying on her face she was not watching me. I kept massaging her back slowly and my eyes were struck on her well shaped ass only while massaging my hand sometimes touched her ass also. It was so well maintained and toned. I really enjoyed touching her there. My cock was rock solid by then after massaging for 30 mins or so, she said thanks Abhi.
You really gave a nice massage and now the pain has also reduced. We can do the exercise in the evening. I said ok and left the room. Now my mind was playing games. I went to the washroom and jerked while thinking of her. This was the first time I masturbated thinking of her. I was just feeling her ass on my hands. My whole point of view towards her was changed now.
Now she was no more my bhabi, but she was a sexy lady who was very well shaped body with nice tight ass which I touched and very well shaped breast also. Let me describe her in short, she was around 5.5 tall, she had a very nice figure 34-28-34 (which I latter knew). She was a very thing waistline, and her complexion was also very fair. She had a very nice pair of boobs, not very huge but very well shaped and round in shape and her ass was so nicely toned.
Whenever she wears something tight her ass was to come out so nicely. Also in saree her ass is used to look so nice. All these things started coming in my mind now. It was around5 in the evening, I was waiting for this time so that I can see her again and also may be touch her again while helping her in exercise. I went to her and asked her about the back pain. She said after the massage she was feeling very good. Also the pain had reduced she said.
I asked her whether she will try some exercise. She said sure, I was very happy hearing that. She was still wearing a saree till that time. She asked me, what kind of exercise I will give her today. I told her that we will do some lower back exercise so that it will help her. I was very excited that she was also looking forward to take some exercise lesson from me. I asked her to lie down by her face again like in the morning.
She did the same; my eyes were again struck on her tight round shaped ass. Ohh my god she had such a nice ass. I wanted to touch her there but was afraid of doing that also. She asked me what next, I came out of my fantasies world and said yeah we will start now. I asked her to lift her right leg with her left hand and vice versa. This kind of exercise helps in lower back.
As she never did some exercise her body was very stiff.
She was not able to lift her legs very up. I hold her leg a bit and tried to lift that. She was having some difficulties doing the same. I put my hand on her lower back to support her legs. I put the second hand on her legs and tried to raise that. She said it is difficult, I said as you are doing for the first time it will hurt you but if you do it regularly then it will be fine. I said I will guide you, don’t worry. She said ok.
As I was giving support to her back and also holding her leg, I was having some difficulty. I then move a bit back and took her leg in one hand and put my hand right top on her ass. I did that as instinct and it was now intentional. The moment I figured out where I placed my hand I quickly removed my hand and said sorry. She also was a bit shocked when I placed my hand on her ass.
I was feeling very embarrassed when I did that. Breaking the ice she said its ok, and now what. I was now feeling a bit down but her words make me a bit comfortable. Then I put my hand on her lower back again and took her legs and started lifting that. As she was wearing a saree, her saree slipped from her legs. Her saree has come up to her knees and for the first time I saw her bare legs. It was so nice and smooth. My hand was touching her bare legs for the first time.My cock was rising again. She didn’t resist when her saree came up to her knees.
She was doing her exercise as I was instructing. That day nothing really happened after 30 mins of exercise I said to her it’s ok for one day. She said again thanks Abhi, it really helping me out. Good that you are instructing me as I would now be very comfortable with someone else. I got very excited hearing those words from her.
I said ok and told her tomorrow morning the next session. After that I left from the room while thinking of her super sexy legs and her ass. Now she was all over me. I wanted to touch her so badly now. I started making plans to get close to her. I still don’t know how she felt about the massage and the exercise session. I was still a bit scared of what I did in the night when we were having dinner altogether, my brother asked Aditi how is your back pain.
She looked at me and said that the pain is little reduced and she also told that I gave her some exercise that really helped me. She didn’t say that I also gave her massage. May be she didn’t wanted my brother to know that. Then my brother told me that from now on I have to give exercise session to Aditi every day. I was really excited hearing that. I was also looking for the same. I looked at Aditi and said sure why not.
Next morning my brother left as usual to office, I saw Aditi was in the kitchen doing the dishes. I went to her and asked how your back pain is now. She looked at me and said it was fine at night but today morning again the pain started. I asked her not to do any work and asked her to go to her room and take rest. She said “thanks for the concern Abhi, but if I go then who will do all these things.
I said to her you go and lie down I will do the same. She resisted but when I asked her to leave and take rest, she smiled and said “ok fine I am going to take rest, thanx for the concern Abhi” and then she left. I did all the work that was left and then went to her room. She was lying on her bed. I asked her did she apply the balm last night. She said no, I said why? She said “I was not able to reach my back.
I then asked her why she didn’t ask brother to put that. Hearing my words she laughed and said “who? Your brother will do that? Never, I said why not? She said leave that. Then I asked her should I put some now for you. She said that will be very nice. She was wearing a salwar suit. I asked her to lie down on her face, and she did the same. I was just waiting for this time only. I started to lift her top to her lower back. It got struck in between her legs.
She then rose a bit and pulled her top to her back. She was now in her salwar in her legs.
She was wearing that was very tight in her legs. Each and every curve of her legs and ass was coming out of the dress. Seeing her like that give me cock instant erection. Now I can see her whole size of ass. It was so round and protruding. I was just into 7th haven as of now.


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