Sexercise With Bhabi

abhi 2012-01-25 Comments

I nodded my head. I was so excited now. Then we finished lunch and I came to my room. I was so relived now; I went to my wash room and masturbated thinking of her and recollecting the moment when my hand was inside her panty. I was eagerly waiting for the evening time so that I can again touch her. Then after waiting for the whole afternoon the clock went to 5o clock.

I then thought this is time to get some exercise to Aditi now.
I went to her room and knocked the door. She said come in. She was doing something in the closet. She said that wait let me finish here then we can start the exercise session. I sat on the bed while she was doing her work. I was watching from behind, I eyes were struck on her waist and ass whenever she bends over to get something her ass was just teasing me.

I wanted to get close and hold the ass but I somehow controlled myself after 5 mins of so she completed all the work and said let’s start. She was wearing a track suit with a top. Her boobs were coming out of her top. She never wears that much tight clothing, but today she was wearing. I was feeling myself very lucky now. She said for exercise I found this clothing, is it ok?

I said yeah absolutely ok. She then said “it’s a bit tight but it will do for now, maybe I can get something more suitable for exercise after someday.” I quickly thought of a plan. I said to her that I will get her a nice workout dress. She smiled and said “Oh abhi, thanx for that. Then I don’t have to worry for now. I was very excited to hear that and now I can get her anything to wear that I want after that she said what we will do today?

I told her first we have to get stiffness out of your body so that you can stretch properly. I asked her to stand straight and try to get your hands in the air pointing to the roof and then try to get on her toes. She tried was losing her balance. Then I came from behind and hold her in the waist so that she can get support. My hand was on her super thin waist. I asked her to do the same activity again. She tried to get on her toes but as she was losing her balance she tilted backwards where I was.

I hold her waist tightly now due to the tilt her ass came in contact with my groin area. My cock was already stiff by then.
Her ass was just on my rock solid cock. I kept my position like that. I asked her to do the same. She also didn’t resist and again tried to get on her toes. While doing so her ass was now rubbing on my cock. I can feel her roundness of her ass on my cock.

I came a bit closer now and took my hands around her and hold her waist now when I did that her body gave a jerk. I said to her am I holding you tight. She said “no no, you can hold me like that. I was having so much fun now. Then I gave support to lift her on her toes. I was so close to her that my breath was going right on her shoulders. I can sense a heaviness of breath of Aditi. She lifted herself on the toes once again as I was very close to her my cock was now right in between in ass crack.

I was also rubbing my cock slowly on her ass crack now. I was doing it in a way that she thinks that this is a part of exercise. I did the same exercise with the same pose for 10 mins or so. I really enjoyed her ass rub on my crack. She may be also enjoying now, her breathing has became heavy now after 10 mins of that I told her now we should do a different exercise when she turned back I can see her face has turned red now.

May be due to excitement that happened or it may could have due to the exercise. Then after taking 2-3 mins break I asked her to stand with her legs apart and try to touch the toe of her left leg with her right hand and vice versa. She followed my instructions and started to do the exercise as her body was not that loose she was having difficulty reach her toe. I was standing behind her and was watching her ass.
Her track pants were so tight that when she bent her both the ass checks came out clearly. I can see her ass crack clearly also. The outline of her panty was also coming out. I wanted to touch her again. So I said to her, let me help you to do this for the first time. I went behind her and positioned my cock against her ass again. She was already in a bent position; I came over her put my chest on her back and spread my arms along with her arms.


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